Top 10 work from home opportunities in 2020

Top 10 work from home opportunities in 2020

Working from home is both fun and rewarding. More often people ask about what is the best business to start from home. Luckily there exists various work from opportunities to spark your thinking.

However, when it is about choosing the best work from home jobs then the most effective is the one that is according to your taste. To understand this better, just make a list of factors important for you. These factors include,

  • Flexibility in schedule
  • Income
  • Work-life balance
  • independence
  • Skill level
  • Setup cost and experience

Knowing your priorities can help you better in choosing the best work home opportunities.

Best work from home jobs ideas to consider

Are you looking for interesting work home opportunities? Wherever you are living currently, we have some of the best work from home jobs ideas for you. Just have a look at the top 10 options enlisted below

Blogging can be a perfect choice

Becoming a blogger is a bit different from the home job idea. It is because in this job you have to build your own blog and advertise it online. It might take time to start earning with blogging. But once you have established your blog you can easily earn a handsome income on a consistent basis.

Blogging brings plenty of potential for people who know how to attract an audience with their writing. Because they can easily find ways to grow their traffic and can monetize their blog effectively. While, starting and owning a blog is inexpensive work from home, ideas which any of you can consider.

Social media marketing has a great trend

Almost every business at present is having social media presence to reach their target audience directly. But plenty of these businesses don’t know how to grow themselves on social media platforms.

Even some of these don’t have enough time to market their business on different social media platforms. Therefore, they prefer to outsource their social media marketing tasks. If you have social media marketing skills and know how to manage things effectively. Then, freelance social media marketing can be the best option for you to go with.

Pet sitter can be a great idea

A pet sitting service can indulge your passion for pets and require almost no equipment. This job idea can be the best to start if you know how to deal with different pets.

Fortunately, you can start it by spending no money. Further positives of this business idea are a home office and flexible schedule. Furthermore, you can also add some technology for scheduling administrative tasks properly once your business grows.

Online coaching is booming

The world has experienced the benefits of online education. Do you have any skill either digital, academic or other? If yes, then why not to share your knowledge with the world. There are a couple of sites offering online education. You can search out these sites and log in as a teacher to start making a fortune out of it.

Even if you are a gym instructor or dietitian, creative writer or a photoshop expert, you can also start online courses to make money.

Vintage clothing reseller

Vintage clothing is always in trend. There are multiple online platforms which can make it easier for you to start selling vintage clothing. Amazingly, no prior experience is required for this business idea.

To get your collection is also super simple. Just shop for bargains, attend house sales or scour thrift stores to get the best vintage clothing items. You can also sell products you own already. Research vintage clothing prices, buy at low price and sell higher to make money.


YouTube has become one of the most amazing sources of income for people from all around the world. You just need some content ideas and a camera to shoot your video to get started with this.

Make your YouTube channel and start uploading your content and promote it to the world to show what you have gotten. Soon, you will be able to earn money.

Copywriter is always in demand

Marketing and advertising companies are always looking for freelance copywriters who can help them with their creative projects.

If you have some creative skills, then it is easier to set up your home office with a computer only and start working. You can also apply your marketing savvy to generate income. This is a work from home opportunity which can be global actually with worldwide clients.

Gift basket decorator

People used to buy different types of gift baskets for business or home. This business idea is highly creative.

If you enjoy arranging, designing and packing baskets full of personal care products, food or other similar options. Then, this is certainly going to be the best job for you. It is because gift basket decoration can bring both fun and money to you.

Jewelry maker is a unique idea

People love to buy custom and handmade jewelry. It is because custom jewelry can meet their needs of getting something unique. If you have jewelry making skills, and know the methods and supplies to create it then, selling your custom jewelry online, on craft shows or other places can be the best work from home idea to consider.

However, if you want to expose your business to more customers then setting up an online store is the best idea to move with.

Baking is a real fun

Baking is completely fun as well as rewarding to various people around. Do you love baking and have good taste in your hands? Then, this is the time to buy basic equipment and start your own home bakery business.

Setting up a commercial kitchen might require some setup cost. But later you can earn enough by selling your baked items to local businesses and shops with ease. Even, you can set up a storefront to sell your products online with ease. Make sure to read up regulations in your area for a better start.

Final thoughts:

There exists vast work from home opportunities which can help you to start earning with ease. But choosing the best for you might become difficult from plenty of options. Make sure to highlight your skills and priorities to make a better decision.

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