Wealthy Affiliate: Make extra Money at home – Scam or Not

Wealthy Affiliate: Make extra Money at home – Scam or Not


Almost all of us want to make money from home or at least earn extra money, which makes it easier to handle our expenses. With so many ways to earn money from home, it is easy to get overwhelmed by the choices. You can start a blog, run a business, become an affiliate, and what not! But as easy as it all sounds, while you read through an article, it is daunting, and we all know that. It is not easy to start an online business. The thought of it is daunting enough to make you think about it for a long time.

I am also a part of the crowd who is always looking for new ways to earn extra money online. I have done tons of research, and while I was surfing through the internet, desperately, I came across Wealthy Affiliate. Every time I researched for starting my own business, this website would just pop up. Every single time, Wealthy Affiliate was there, and thus, I decided to take a leap of faith and check what it has to offer.

After pretty comprehensive research and understanding of it, I decided to put a Wealthy Affiliate review for all those people who might have confusion about this website too. So here is everything you must know about Wealthy Affiliate.

How does Wealthy Affiliate Work?


First questions first; what is it, and how does it work?

Wealthy Affiliate is an affiliate education company that prepares and trains you to earn through affiliate marketing. The trend of affiliate marketing is rising with time, and with that, more people are becoming part of specific marketing niche too. This company aims to educate you about how you can run a successful affiliate marketing business.

Now, how does it work? It has a set of tools and training programs that help beginner affiliate marketers. Their training programs are constantly updated with the changing trends of the internet. They teach you online business optimization and how you can generate a more valuable audience towards your service/product. It helps you in making extra money from the traffic that you generate through Wealthy Affiliate.

Affiliate marketing is a highly preferred and valued method to earn money from home these days. But Wealthy Affiliate does not claim or promise to help you become internet wealthy within a couple of weeks or days. They are providing you with the basics and insights that can help you maximize your efforts and put your complete potential in attaining your business goals.


Wealthy Affiliate System; The Insights:




Once you start browsing through the website of Wealthy Affiliate, you can clearly see and understand that they are dealing with online business entrepreneurs. They have stated what they are working for and how they are helping fresh startups to set themselves apart from the competition.

Here are some ways through which they train their potential online business owners to maximize their efforts through different programs.

  • Two Packages:



So if you are assuming that there is an array of huge training programs on this website, then you are wrong. They have focused on two types;

  • ● The Starter Package
  • ● The Premium Package

The starter package comes with a free membership account. The premium package costs $49 per month.

  • No Fake Promises:



The best part about Wealthy Affiliate is that they have not made any false promises or claims to bring you easy and fast income sources. They are committed to training marketers to become the best and utilize the latest tools to step forward in the market. There are no tricks here. They are educating you with the in-depth basics which a lot of affiliate marketers do not know about.

  • You can Create your Business with the Starter Package:



You might think that you need to jump to the premium package right away, but you don’t. You can use the starter package and start an online business with zero investment with the website. But it is always best to upgrade to a premium package to gear ahead of the competition.

Key Features of the Starter Package:



Here is what you get in the starter package:

  • ● Free Live Help for the first week (7 days)
  • ● One on One training sessions for the first week
  • ● 2 websites with complete backup facilities
  • ● Personal affiliate blog
  • ● Affiliate Bootcamp training-Phase 1
  • ● Video WalkThroughs
  • ● Two Training Classrooms
  • ● Keyword Search tool (30 searches only)
  • ● Affiliate program

Key Features of the Premium Package:



Highly dedicated entrepreneurs will certainly find the premium package more helpful and fruitful too. Here is what it includes:

  • ● Private Messaging
  • ● Unlimited Live Help
  • ● Website backup and Security package
  • ● Personal affiliate blog
  • ● Beginner training course
  • ● Affiliate Bootcamp training-All 7 Phases included
  • ● Video WalkThroughs
  • ● Live video classes
  • ● Keyword Search tool (unlimited searches allowed)
  • ● 12 Training classrooms
  • ● Unlimited One on One Training sessions
  • ● 24/7 web support
  • ● Website comment and feedback platforms
  • ● Website analysis






So here is a list of pros and cons of wealthy Affiliate:


Pros of Wealthy Affiliate:




It helps an entrepreneur in providing high-quality products or services to the audience, which is constantly updated according to the need of the times. The best thing about it is that it literally provides you with EVERYTHING that you might need as a complete beginner in affiliate marketing. The tools and the training program is nothing less than bliss, and it actually helps you in learning a lot. There is no hassle for buying a domain or hosting as Wealthy Affiliate provides you with your personal affiliate blog and websites, too (with backup by the way).

Furthermore, all the tools, the websites, and the keyword searches, along with training, are all in one place. If you cost these tools separately, they would cost you a lot more than just $49. Thus, this is a major advantage that you get with Wealthy Affiliate. You are able to get all the tools and services within one place, for a fixed amount.


Cons of Wealthy Affiliate:




Now, this website does sound perfect, but there is no such thing as perfection, and Wealthy Affiliate has its drawbacks too. They can certainly improve with time.

Firstly, there is no higher-level training. They either have training sessions for beginners or for intermediate affiliate marketers. Where it does make sense that newbies want more training, advanced training is also important. As you become an expert, you have a set of different and new challenges to face. And you still need guidance for that phase too. But there is no advanced training program at Wealthy Affiliate.

Also, there are a lot of controversies attached to Wealthy Affiliate. Although they are strict about spam, they still allow their community to market their websites in certain areas. This does bring in chances of self-promotion scam. It should be limited.


Who is Wealthy Affiliate Perfect For?




Is this the perfect website for you to sign up for? For beginners, there is no confusion (DUH). You can visit the website and see the details on your own. Signing up for free is a blessing, and you can judge the services within the first week easily. As a beginner, Wealthy Affiliate is training and educating you perfectly to enter the world of affiliate marketing at your best potential. People who are new to the industry will benefit the most from this website service.

Also, remember that this website does not claim to help you in earning quick money or get rich overnight at all. So if you are hoping for that, this place is not for you. Furthermore, if you have been in the industry for quite a while now, you won’t benefit from Wealthy Affiliate at all. They have no advanced training programs, so you might be the best help for yourself through your experience.






To conclude, Wealthy Affiliate is the best bet for beginners. If you want to start your online business and step into affiliate marketing, then this place will help you amazingly. It will build your website and your business in the right way. Just make sure that you research and browse through the website properly before signing up. And always begin with the starter package. Dedicate your first week to the website wholeheartedly so you can judge whether it is helping you or not. And then, switch to the premium package if you like it.

Wealthy Affiliate is not going to make you rich within no time. It is going to educate you with the basics and rules of affiliate marketing so that you can maximize your potential and fulfill your business goals.




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