Wealthy affiliate scam review

Wealthy affiliate scam review

Wealthy affiliate scam review

Wealthy affiliates are known to be a well-known online affiliate marketers training program. The popularity of wealthy affiliate is something that has let you reach here, I guess. However, if you are planning to sign up for a wealthy affiliate program it is highly recommended for you to have a look at the wealthy affiliate scam review given here.

 This will let you know whether a wealthy affiliate is legit or another make money online scam trying to attract starters.

Is wealthy affiliate a scam?

When it comes to understand whether a wealthy affiliate is legit or scam, it is not easier to answer it in simple yes or no. Even though the wealthy affiliate is offering a fine product and seem legal in traditional sense. But still there is something that doesn’t look right about this wealthy affiliate program. This is the reason why most of the people consider it a scam and avoid putting their finger on this program.

How wealthy affiliate program work?

Even though wealthy affiliate is not a scam in the traditional sense. When you will sign up, you are going to get a training program from this platform that’s been around since 2005. However, this is the place where wealthy affiliate programs get scam. Because anyone who is joining the wealthy affiliate program even with a starter account becomes an affiliate for this program.

Even more, the wealthy affiliate teaches its viewers the ways to rank their sites on Google for the search terms regarding wealthy affiliate. That means what you are reading is something just paid endorsements and is all about wealthy affiliates reviews.

It seems like wealthy affiliate’s marketing plan makes it to be considered as scam.

Why are people considering the wealthy affiliate scam?

Even though a few people are making some money with wealthy affiliate, there are multiple reasons which are making people consider wealthy affiliate a scam. Here we have enlisted these reasons:

  • Much of the core training material of wealthy affiliate program has not been updated since 2015.
  • The core training program contains misleading claims.
  • Core training material is perforated with bad advice.
  • The training program of wealthy affiliate is organized in a poor manner.
  • Even the lead trainers Jay Neill and Kyle Loudon do have very little success rate with their own affiliate platforms since 2016.
  • There is no refund policy being offered by wealthy affiliates that is the major reason why people are considering it a scam.
  • Members are being instructed explicitly to recruit more paying members. Surprisingly, about 60% of the training has been devoted to this factor which is making it a less trustworthy option to consider.

All of these reasons are making wealthy affiliate scam more suspicious.

Final thoughts

Whenever it comes to make money online, then for starters, scam in making money online are pretty common. It is because these are everywhere. However, when you continue to research about wealthy affiliate scam, you will see that something isn’t right here. And you are wise to avoid putting your finger on something that doesn’t seem right for you sure.

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