Wealthy Affiliate Scam..?

Wealthy Affiliate Scam..?

Wealthy Affiliate Scam..?

Welcome to this detailed guide on the Wealthy Affiliate program – legitimate or scam?

So, you are looking for real Wealthy Affiliate reviews. Right? You want to make money online, you are thinking about signing up on Wealthy Affiliate, but then you think you should first get to know whether it is another money-making scam or not. No worries, as today’s guide says it all!

Wealthy Affiliate is one of the well-known online training platforms that provides training programs on affiliate marketing. It does not only offer courses on affiliate marketing, but there are other training programs as well related to building websites, domain registration and hosting, market research, or any other related topics that may help you to start a business online. It makes use of diverse tools and methods that may make the learning process even more engaging.

Now you must be thinking whether you should use Wealthy Affiliate for earning money online or not. Is it real or scam? Do not worry as there is an ultimate guide that will explain everything you need to know about Wealthy Affiliate.

If you want to know how Wealthy Affiliate can help you make online money, how this training is effective in the current year, and whether it is legit or scam, you have come to the right place. In this guide, you will get to know Wealthy Affiliate real or a scam? We will give you a real or unbiased opinion about this. So, without waiting anymore, let’s take a start now!

Before beginning the review of Wealthy Affiliate to get to know whether it is legit or scam, first, we will discuss what exactly Wealthy Affiliate is and how you can earn money through it.

What exactly is Wealthy Affiliate?

One of the popular affiliate marketing training programs right now is Wealthy Affiliate. If you have just entered the field of affiliate marketing or have been in this field for several years, you can easily use Wealthy Affiliate’s platform. Hence, we can say that it is designed for affiliate marketers of all levels as it is a one-stop destination for those who want to get into the field of affiliate marketing.

It offers a free 7-day trial and releases new webinars every month so that the affiliate marketers can learn from webinars and text-based information. There is much more to learn if you want to be a successful affiliate marketer. For example, you need to learn how to build a website, choose an appropriate niche, making your site optimized, and much more. At this point, Wealthy Affiliate can assist you as it can provide you the necessary tools to be successful in affiliate marketing.

How to Make Money through Wealthy Affiliate?

As mentioned earlier, Wealthy Affiliate offers certain tools and methods by which you can start your journey as an affiliate marketer. There are some simple and easy steps that may aid you in getting started in affiliate marketing.

  • First of all, you need to choose a profitable niche on which you will build a website. Wealthy Affiliate will definitely help you choose the topic of your interest.
  • The next step is to create a website that will serve as the foundation of your business. It is very simple to build websites within Wealthy Affiliate.
  • You cannot make money unless and until you get visitors to your site. It means you need to attract actual people towards your site.
  • Once you have built a website and get the audience, it is time to get in touch with a few affiliate programs like Amazon, promote their products and services. When someone buys from one of your affiliate links, you will earn a commission.

Now that you have been guided by the training offered by Wealthy Affiliate, it is time to think about how much you can earn through Wealthy Affiliate. It depends on the products or the companies for which you are selling.

For example, most affiliate programs offer 5 to 30 percent of the commission to the affiliate marketers. In the case of digital products, the commission rate is a bit higher compared to the physical products. The reason is, for physical products, there must be production and shipment cost due to which the rate of commission gets low.

If you want to start your affiliate marketing journey through Wealthy Affiliate, first you need to join it. There are two levels of membership that Wealthy Affiliate offers – Starter ($0 per month) and Premium ($49 per month). If you want to get started with affiliate marketing, you can go for the Starter plan; otherwise, the Premium plan is an ideal option as it offers a lot of benefits over the Starter plan.

Is Wealthy Affiliate Worth It?

The following points explain the pros of Wealthy Affiliate so you can get to know whether Wealthy Affiliate is worth it or not.

Wealthy Affiliate is launched by successful Canadian affiliate marketers. They were not only successful in their domain but also showed other people how they could duplicate their affiliate marketing results.

It offers free membership that provides live help, integrated training help, network capabilities, site speed performance boost, and a lot more facilities for the first seven days. So, it is perfect for beginners who have just step into the field of affiliate marketing.

Wealthy Affiliate provides several tools, training methods, and programs on affiliate marketing so you can sell a variety of products online.

Are There Any Cons of Joining Wealthy Affiliate?

Of course, as there are many benefits, there are some disadvantages as well. For example, Wealthy Affiliate claims to provide free tools and training for beginners on affiliate marketing. But do you know its free plan does not offer much training and support that is needed for affiliate marketing? Yes, it is right. If you join its free plan, you can only get a bit of information on generating traffic or ranking high in the search engines.

Moreover, the whole training offered by Wealthy Affiliate is a bit disorganized. In the case of free plans, its core lessons do not give much training on some of the essential topics of affiliate marketing such as email marketing, search engine optimization, and backlinks.

The Honest Answer to the Question: Is Wealthy Affiliate a Scam?

The answer to this question: ‘is Wealthy Affiliate a scam or not’ is not as simple as it seems. We cannot simply say YES or NO. There are a lot of factors that may determine whether a Wealthy Affiliate is worth it or not. Just like many other things in life, it depends. If you ask the founders of Wealthy Affiliate about the worth of this program, they will definitely say that this program is legitimately worth it. But an average affiliate marketer who has started affiliate marketing through this program but then quits after a few months will have different views about the worth of the Wealthy Affiliate training program.

However, in a broader sense, we can say that it is not a scam. It is completely legitimate and provides a quality product! It provides quality knowledge through different tools and techniques (if you join its premium version). On the other hand, if you are joining for free, the results will be according to that.

Wealthy Affiliate | a Quick Scheme to Get Rich?

From all the above discussion, we can conclude that Wealthy Affiliate is not a scam. It is real. Wealthy Affiliate only promises to provide several tools and training that may help you get started in the affiliate marketing business. However, just like any other business, making money through affiliate marketing also takes much time and effort. To be successful in this field, it is necessary to have persistence as well as a willingness to learn.

If you do not have much time to devote to affiliate marketing or want to get rich quickly, Wealthy Affiliate is not perfect for you. Remember, Wealthy Affiliate is not a quick scheme to get rich.

Most affiliates have marketed it as a way to become rich quickly, but it is not. They are promoting it like it is the best thing that can make you rich overnight. Although it is a good way to promote something, it is not right for Wealthy Affiliate. Such type of marketing may attract the wrong people.

To sum up:

Wealthy Affiliate is a great training program that promises to teach people how they can make money online through affiliate marketing. But before joining this training program, you must know that affiliate marketing is not a quick way of earning money. Whether you are learning the tactics of affiliate marketing through Wealthy Affiliate or any other training program, the process of becoming a successful affiliate marketer is not that simple. This process takes time, effort, and money as well. But what about Wealthy Scam? From the above facts, it can be concluded that Wealthy Affiliate is not a scam. If you join it for free, you will get minimum tools, but if you pay every month, you will definitely get the desired results!

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